Fairgreen Assisted Living is a dream come true for Sue Kepler. The dream began 35 years ago when a young women from the Philippines with nothing more than a dream moved from her homeland to England where she began her nursing education, and career. She excelled and kept dreaming. Beginning as a trained operating room nurse, Sue had the opportunity to work with a very well known Heart Surgeon in London, England. The education and experience she gained was priceless. The dream continued as an opportunity to move to America presented itself. In the USA Sue continued her Nursing studies and became licensed as a Registered Nurse.

Her new position in the U.S. brought Sue a chance to work with the Ophthalmologist in New York who invented Phaco cataract surgery. This began the bond with the elderly and continues today.

Moving to Florida and researching her first love of elderly care she began an adventure that moved the dream closer to reality. Sue Haresco opened her first Assisted Living Facility in 1993, and then another in 1998. Both of these facilities were small in nature, but excelled in cleanliness and care for the elderly.

Still clutching that dream of one day opening a larger facility to help and house even more residents, with all the appointments necessary to accommodate a larger and yet more perfect community setting, something extraordinary happened.

Sue met a Retired Military Officer and fell in love. Vern Kepler shared and understood Sues dream, married her, and they began the long process of designing a building that not only satisfied the needs of the elderly but would offer a new model in Care, Activities, and the Support Services required to bring the whole project to fruition.

Today, Fairgreen Assisted Living is the exception and not just another example of the Assisted Living Community. Our devotion to Care, Cleanliness and outstanding performance is beyond reproach in the Geriatric Health Care Community. In 2007 the dream became reality.